Extra Helpings of Happiness - Kari J. Dawkins

Extra Helpings of Happiness - Kari J. Dawkins

Tricks and treats are behind us and the smell of pumpkin pie fills the kitchen air.
It's time to gather with neighbors, friends, and family to share a meal and who's with me...lots of dessert.
My "one of each" approach while shopping stays true for sweets (load the plate please). Now that your grocery list is made, linens are fresh for guest arrivals, and candles are ready to be lit...there is still something looming that hasn't yet been decided.
For some, the most difficult question is whether to make this years whip cream from scratch (which is an easy "no"- pass the Cool Whip please!) and for others it's "what to wear". Challenge gladly accepted by yours truly. Whether it's the whip cream or the dress, I'm here to make your day easier and more enjoyable. No need for added stress. Now let’s find the perfect frock for a day spent eating, laughing, and cooking up something grand. 
To make things easier, I broke down each look into categories that will fit your celebration style for this quickly approaching holiday. 

Turkey at Noon

There is always one among the rest that just stands out. Like the perfect tried and true recipe, the black Jen Gingham Dress is an easy yes and one you can reach for without giving it any thought. Flattering and comfortable (the truth is, it feels like pajamas) and so versatile. Pair it with your low pony tail and effortless red lips. You'll be fooling everyone by looking dressed up. 
It is impeccable with cute booties or the best flats that add perfect color. This soft cotton addition is just the right touch for a day with your pumpkins. Later in the day grab this cozy Into The Woods Cardigan for a cup of coffee or hot tea by the fire. 


Full House

The more the merrier describes your home during this warm holiday. Family arrives with open arms and you prefer to be dressed casual and ready to go for last minute errands or chasing after little ones. The Striped Open Front Duster is your perfect mate.  Throw it on over your leggings (thank you elastic waistband) and the Malibu tee in black and you'll be serving up plates in comfort and style.
Later it will be great with a plain white tee and your favorite pair of dark denim or wear it with yoga pants and a gameday t-shirt for a weekend spent Christmas shopping.



Holla Back Girl 

The Take Me Places Pullover is the perfect piece to throw over a trendy tank, collared shirt, or layered with a jean jacket. It makes you feel hip, cool, and breezy as you hit the road to head to a feast across town, the state, or on an airplane. 
This sweater is light and breezy. The color is edgy for fall and matches the hues in the leaves outside. Nothing fussy or overcomplicated about this wardrobe choice here and you'll be the coolest dressed chick at the dinner table.


Table For Two

Cooking all day and 21 questions with family are not your style. You have figured out the ultimate VIP treatment to Turkey Day is a table at your favorite spot in town filled with good food and fresh air. Most of all your dinner is served after a quick glance at the menu and you didn't even break a sweat.
The two jackets that scream "pick me" for this fun, carefree night of gobble gobbling are the Silk Open Front Jacket and the Beaded Star Bomber Jacket. Edgy, cool and collected. These are sure to make you feel confident and put-together.
Don't think twice about pairing it with a leather skirt, booties, and an amazing hat. So chic! Later rock these jackets with a graphic t-shirt and black pants. 
This black Highlands cardigan is another favorite for something cool and classic. This white trim along the edges and pockets gives this one a unique and modern touch. You'll be effortlessly chic and cozy on your way to an intimate night out. 


Turkey by Candlelight

If your family likes to do things a little more 5 star dining, this classic black Evelyn Sweater Dress is for you. Luxurious, silky soft sweater material and a fun bell sleeve will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. For chilly temps throw it on over your favorite Spanx leggings. 
Later you can add a fun belt and wear this one to all your holiday office parties and Christmas or New Year's Eve festivities. 


All outfits aside, there is no question being thankful is the best part of this holiday. The truth is, it's impossible to not be grateful for the everyday miracles and wonder in the mundane. No matter what you choose to wear you will look fantastic as you ask for the salt and pepper to be passed down from the far end of the table.
Enjoy your day darling!
Fall Favorites and Must-Haves

Fall Favorites and Must-Haves

Fall is finally here! And if you're anything like me, as soon as the temps dropped and September's issue of InStyle magazine hit the newsstands you were eager to get your wardrobe ready for the new season. Now that October has arrived and cooler weather looks like it's officially here to stay (insert praise hands) I'm sharing my list of must-haves for fall. 
Before we jump in let me start off by saying, unlike your kids who somehow grew two sizes over the summer, YOU do not have to buy a completely new wardrobe for the season. Don't fall for the latest trends and get sucked into buying every single bargain sweater your favorite blogger is sharing. Think about quality over quantity, what fits with YOUR lifestyle, what pieces will work with what you currently own, and what will last for seasons to come.
So before you click that "complete your purchase" button one more time, check out my list of must-haves below!  
First up, this asymmetrical sweatshirt from Tee Lab. I personally feel like a sweatshirt should be a closet staple (it's definitely one for me!). I wear one year round, even when it's 100 degrees outside, and never travel without it. I know you're probably thinking who would spend that kind of money on a sweatshirt, but for me it has been a GREAT investment. This sweatshirt is one you can wear over a tank and pair with denim or yoga pants. It also holds up great in the washer. 
Another alternative would be this affordable and cute sweatshirt from Zara. It comes in a few different colors and can be dressed up or down. Layer it over your tank for some added length.
I recently discovered this cardigan, or sweater blazer as they like to call it, from J. Crew. It's something timeless that you can reach for when you want the comfort of a cardigan, but need to look more polished and put together. 
And if you want a super comfortable, warm and cozy, snuggle up and go-to-sleep-in kind of cardigan then you NEED this SoHo cardigan. I'm actually wearing mine from a couple of years ago right now! It's a best seller for a reason and it's one you'll want in more than one color once you've tried it on.
Underneath all these layers you'll want some good basic tees and tanks. If you don't have some already, I think it's important to find a few you love that you feel comfortable in and can grab at a moments notice all year long.
You can find great quality basics at an affordable price like these awesome Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tees and Tanks. They are comfortable and come in a variety of colors. 
The Sofie tanks are my personal favorites because I love the neckline and fabric. 
For a more athletic option you can go with something like this from Spiritual Gangster. Wear it under your sweater with denim one day and then layer it under your sweatshirt with yoga pants for a day when you'll be hitting the gym (or when you want to be dressed for it just in case! haha) the next.
This simple Malibu Tee has been one of our best-sellers. It's a relaxed fit, good quality, and something you can dress up or down. A good one to wear with cardigans or jackets. 
Speaking of jackets a denim, leather, or faux leather option can take one of your favorite summery looks and convert it to something approved for fall. Free People makes a great one (it's Top Rated on their site). This one has the perfect amount of stretch and I love the lighter color denim year round.
I recently purchased a charcoal Hudson denim jacket and I love how it makes a simple t-shirt look chic. It's slightly edgy and stays true to my personal style. This denim jacket from Top Shop is a great option. The Free People one above also comes in black.
A leather or faux leather option is perfect for date nights or occasions that call for something a step above casual. A blazer is another alternative if your style is more preppy or business chic. I mentioned this faux leather jacket in our story a while back. I own it in the taupe color and it's the closest thing to the real deal I've ever seen (and trust me I've tried A LOT). Honestly, I thought it was real leather when I first saw it and tried it on. 
True story: a couple of years ago I won on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine (I hate gambling by the way because I'd rather spend my money on clothes, shoes or food. haha!) and I decided to treat myself to this leather jacket with some of my winnings. It has been one of my favorite pieces I own and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat without the winnings. It was 100% worth the investment and will last for many years to come.
A great pair of denim jeans goes a long way. For the past couple of years I've steered clear of designer denim until I stumbled upon Fidelity during a buying trip. These Hayden Denim Jeans are over my usual price point, but the quality and feel make them more than worth it. I love the relaxed fit for days when I'm not feeling up for a tight skinny jean and they have a California-cool, laid back vibe to them which works for my style. A customer recently called them "PERFECTION!" after trying them on. It's hard to explain their greatness, but I am in LOVE.
When the occasion calls for dressy, but not too dressy I almost always reach for my black denim jeans. Pair them with a heeled bootie and a leather jacket and you are all set. This pair from Nordstrom will do the trick without breaking the bank.
My step-mom recently purchased these jeans from H&M and the fit is amazing. Talk about a great price too!
There are many options for leggings and a range of price points. It's hard to beat the fit and feel of LuluLemon's Wunder Under High Rise leggings. They are great for year round wear.
This fall I'm excited about to incorporate the Flat Iron Tux leggings from Athleta. They are a step above your average leggings as far as looks go and still offer the same feel and fit as your favorite go-to leggings. They will be a fun option!
A sweater is one of those things that truly comes down to personal preference. There are so many things to consider like color, texture, length, fit, neckline, etc. I could show you a hundred different sweaters I love, but I'll share a couple of my current favorites.
This Merino Wool Sweater from Madewell is a great option for the office and also works with denim on the weekends.
I love the color and the relaxed fit of this Switch Back Pullover Sweater from Athleta. The material is not itchy, the quality is great, it's not overly warm and it's something I can throw on with just about anything.
The Take Me Places sweaters are another great option for up and down Oklahoma weather. They are lightweight and can be fun when playing around with different layers and textures. So many options with these.
I'll be the first to admit I own too many coats for my lifestyle. I seem to either be in a cardigan, leather jacket or my heavy duty Northface coat in the winter. However, I found this option from H&M a while back and love that it's more polished like a coat, but has the feel of a cardigan and it's not too heavy. Perfect for fall! 
These blouses are also on rotation in my closet right now. I love the comfort, ease and versatilely each one offers.
These Audra loafers in the Chestnut suede color are comfortable and lightweight. They will go with just about anything.
For a more fun option this fall try an Oxford like these Adwin Almond Toe oxfords in the Petrol Leather color. 
If you've been following us for a while you've noticed my love for Golden Goose sneakers. At first glance they might not seem like much, but talk about an attitude boost when you throw them on. They are seriously so fun and take the most simple outfit and give it a little pizzaz. Start with something like these if you aren't quite ready for the crazy colors or high-top style. 
Last, but not least, these are something I've discovered this year and now have them in a handful of colors. I also love these! They aren't the most supportive, but great for wearing under loose sweaters or tees. 


I hope you found something you love from this list or at least feel inspired when shopping for pieces to add to your wardrobe this fall. Let me know what you think below or if you end up trying any of these picks. Thanks for reading! 


Spring is Here and Seven Oaks is Popping-up!

Spring is Here and Seven Oaks is Popping-up!

By: Kari Dawkins 

Seven Oaks stylist and blog contributor

Spring is here and with it brings a change of tempo. If your April calendar looks anything like mine it's full of activities, work events, and get-togethers. And in just a few short weeks Miss May arrives in all her glory bringing deliveries like Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, end of the year school programs and a recital or two. Don’t hit the panic button quite yet! When it comes to the dreaded what to wear, I have you covered. Options are popping-up at every corner (figuratively and literally!) to help take the stress out of the decision making.

Seven Oaks, one of my favorite apparel shops, is popping up in Norman at Moxie Shop on Main Street this Friday, April 13th from 3:00-8:00 pm a few hours before and during Norman’s Art Walk. Enjoy yummy appetizers from El Toro Chino while browsing their new spring arrivals and meet some of the talented ladies on the Moxie Shop team. While you're there ask about that new spring haircut you've been dreaming about and take your chances on a Seven Oaks giveaway and sizzling specials. A few things I'm excited about seeing are highlighted below! As always, click “add to cart” if your spring calendar prevents you from stopping by.

Bring on the sun in this sweet dress! The brand, English Factory, has my heart (all of it) and has for the past two years thanks to Seven Oaks. It had me at hello! All of their pieces are high quality and affordable. So naturally, I'll be adding this dress to my wishlist. I love that it can be worn with wedges or sneaks which makes it a great option for comfort and style. It's perfect for all upcoming spring activities. Ballet recital, check. Graduation, check. Dinner with the girls, check check. 

  There is something about fresh air, spring blooms, and pink that has me tickled. This time of year I am a sucker for warm breezes, sunglasses, hours spent outdoors and darling sundresses like the Dylan Buffalo Check dress. This dress is the perfect combination of cute and comfortable (and it has pockets!). Go on! Say it’s so and commit to this wonderful wardrobe addition for springtime fun.

If you live in Oklahoma, you know how crazy the weather can be. As we've seen recently, it can snow the same week it reaches 80 degrees. Be prepared for this season of ups and downs by keeping a few comfy, cozy things around to grab at a moment's notice. This OKLA sweatshirt is a must have for chilly mornings and will look super cute with shorts later in the afternoon. Show your state pride and be OK with the unpredictable. 

Ali, gorgeous owner of Seven Oaks and one of my best gal pals, always has the most wonderful taste in clothes and style so there is no doubt she'll be bringing some great NEW styles with her on Friday. She went ahead and shared a few sneak peeks with me and I can't wait to see the rest. Check out a tiny bit of what's new below!

This darling pinstriped dress happens to be a fan favorite (already) because it was picked by all her followers.  Wear this one for weekend adventures, weddings, baby showers, Mother's Day brunch. Need something versatile to wear to and from the office? Just pair this one with a denim jacket or white blazer and you're all set for date night or a dance recital after 5 o'clock hits.
She is also bringing plenty of new tops that can be dressed up with white, black, or colored pants for spring soirees and can easily be paired with denim shorts for a laid back night on the patio with friends. 

So block off some time on your calendar this Friday, throw your cute umbrella in the back seat (just in case) and join us for an afternoon of fun. Afterwards, enjoy a closet full of options for all your upcoming events and relax while those May flowers bloom. Hope to see you there!



Images provided by Mary Cramer Photography


Stay At Home Mom Chíc

Stay At Home Mom Chíc

Christmas came early for Seven Oaks and our blog readers! Sweet Mama, incredibly talented writer, Seven Oaks VVIP Customer (yes, she deserves that extra V), my dear friend and neighbor Stephanie Nevels, is closing out our year with a bang. She has a beautiful way of articulating our vision behind the Seven Oaks style and what we desire for all of our customers. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. 

Stay At Home Mom Chíc
For most moms, I think the term "Stay at Home Mom Chíc" immediately brings to mind t-shirts covered in spit up or fleece pajama pants. In fact, when Alison, the darling mama behind one of my favorite shops Seven Oaks, asked me to write a post on my style as a SAH mom, my mind flashed back to a time not so long ago when I had three kids under the age of two and my "fashion philosophy" consisted of maternity leggings and Old Navy cotton tunic shirts that were worn for an embarrassing amount of time post-maternity (I'm afraid to actually do the math).
While I would love to say that my tough appearance choices such as whether or not to wear my "dressy" yoga pants, or if the amount of days I hit the gym that week combined with the amount of peanut M&Ms I've consumed make certain snugger fitting shirts in my closet appropriate to wear in public, or if dry shampoo really works after 3 days were all part of my early motherhood days, they are sadly all still choices I have to make more often than not. However, now that my offspring (ages 7 and 5) can "mostly" dress and feed themselves, I have had some more breathing room to take time and find out what types of clothing and brands suit me. 
When I was thinking about how I would categorize my personal style as a mom who stays at home (on days I make it out of yoga pants), I think the term "tom girl" would describe it best. Classic tom boyish basics, but with a fun lip color or accessory thrown in the mix.

Here are a few items I go back to again and again and find myself reaching for most often. And it's not shocking that a crazy high percentage of those items are my beloved Seven Oaks pieces! 

A Not-Your-Average Basic T 

While I adore nearly all Seven Oaks items, man have those gals nailed the spin on a basic T. Everything from the different textures, asymmetrical hemlines, worn in perfection, perfectly able to be front tucked or side knotted effortlessly. I can.not.get.enough of your cotton T's and tanks! And almost all of them can be thrown on equally well with my beloved "dressy" yoga pants or favorite high waisted jeans.


High Waisted Jeans

Which brings me to my next fashion love affair. My husband would call them my "mom jeans", but any woman who has carried a human inside of them can attest to the fact that no amount of sit ups can bring back the abs you had below the belly button pre-kids amiright? I have tried my fair share of these and far and away am the most smitten with Madewell's high waisted jeans.

This pair is quite possibly the most perfect jean ever created. As a mom reaching the over the hill mark, I find myself torn between daring to take on new trends but wondering if I'm able to pull them off. I'm quite certain the college girls I see at OU games are wearing them to be trendy, but can't us moms pretend we, too, are wearing them to be on trend and not just to smooth out our muffin tops?

Neutral Lightweight Jackets and Cardigans
When you're constantly chasing around little ones, particularly in a crazy Oklahoma climate where you can be wearing mittens in the morning and a t-shirt by 4 o'clock, I find myself reaching for my favorite lightweight layering pieces more often than not. This ridiculously soft Seven Oaks favorite, the Everyday Cardigan, gets worn at least twice a week. It's super soft, can dress up a basic T with ease, AND has pockets-the trifecta of any great sweater or jacket! 
And I'm loving this new Eleanor Charcoal Jacket. (Also has pockets!)

Chambray All Day
I believe it was after the birth of my third that I started seeing a lot of this magical fabric they called Chambray. What I thought was a denim shirt, was actually a magical light weight, button up shirt that went with literally everything in my closet and made me feel instantly stylish and hip while running around with my tribe of tiny humans. This shirt was also my first attempt and subsequent love affair with the front tuck. And five years later, I am still reaching for my favorite Gap chambray top

While shopping can be so much fun, I have found that the older I get, the more I realize that no amount of expensive or trendy clothing can replace true beauty. It’s taken awhile to get there, but I’ve come to realize that taking good care of myself and not beating myself down for my flaws will always be the most important piece of my beauty regimen. This undoubtedly has to be why so many women are drawn to the Seven Oaks vibe. It is so apparent to anyone that has been following that their overall goal is to make every girl feel comfortable and beautiful just the way they are in their Seven Oaks pieces. Every girl, mom or not, needs to be reminded from time to time that while clothes are fun and yoga pants are necessary, they can’t replace being comfortable in your own skin.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


What To Wear This Holiday Season: Guide To Merry & Bright

What To Wear This Holiday Season: Guide To Merry & Bright

The Turkey is just right, the candles are burning, and the crisp air moves through the neighborhood streets as Thanksgiving greets us again this year. As I get older I realize why all moms embrace Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. For me, it’s about the gathering. Putting family and friends all at one table makes us realize the importance of the ones we love, good food and great style. Wait, style? That’s right. You remember how many tablespoons of butter to add to your yummy mashed potatoes, but didn’t plan on the outfit that will surely bring it all together. Don’t sweat it, I got this one.

The Tiered Long-sleeve Dress has me on top of the world with comfort. There is nothing better than a comfy dress that looks classic but feels like a day in pj’s. It's lined with this amazingly soft fleece. And let's be honest, giving yourself plenty of room on Turkey day is important. 


It’s truly sweater weather. I love sweater options that are long. This allows for the perfect jegging to pair it with. This ivory wonder had me at hello! The Taylor Cowlneck is a great transition piece going into the holiday season. Wear this in December with crimson, green, or gold pants. You will be ready to sing carols for the holiday soiree. For now, pair it with jeans or a sassy black leather legging. The turkey will say “gobble gobble” for your cuteness.


The Velvet Pleated Skirt has everything right. It’s gold, soft, and deliciously versatile. You can pair this with a white button down, oversized patterned sweater, or a graphic t-shirt with black blazer. It is screaming luxury and festive. You won’t regret walking into a dressy Thanksgiving meal or office party wearing this. ‘Tis the season!


What can dress an outfit up? The perfect accessory of course. This Gray Tassel Scarf is the best blend of comfort and the perfect fall find. This will get you through any grocery store errands, kid’s concerts, and even a low key dinner gathering. Want it in a more festive color? It also comes in blazing burgundy.


Wherever you land this holiday season, know that you are enough. You are special, smart, and important. I know as a mom, full time worker, friend, wife, avid shopper…we each get pinned down with appointments and expectations. My hope is you find peace and joy through the ruckus….and coffee. Lots of coffee.



Kari J

Spotlight Series - Audra Manning

Spotlight Series - Audra Manning

Everyone is attracted to different color palettes, silhouettes, and trends. That’s what makes fashion so fun. Here at Seven Oaks we are attracted to an overall style - minimal and versatile. We love finding effortless, classic, eye-catching pieces that have a little something special to make each one unique. Our new "Spotlight Series" will feature YOU - our customers and will give us more insight into how pieces from the shop can be styled. We will also hear about your current favorites and get a little style advice along the way. 


This month's spotlight customer has been with Seven Oaks since the beginning. She has stuck by our side as we transitioned from our brick and mortar location to online only and has been supportive and encouraging along the way. She has grown with us and easily gone from customer to friend. We always love seeing how she styles her purchases so it was an easy choice to ask her to help with this month's Spotlight feature. Thank you, Audra!
7O: How would you describe your style?
AM: As a working mom I try to keep my style effortless and classic. Versatile pieces that don't require too much thought in the morning are important. When it comes to accesories I prefer dainty jewelry, but will experiment with a bold lip color to spice up an average or all neutral outfit.
7O: What's your favorite item in the shop right now?
AM: How can I choose one!? I really like the Autumn Ruffle Top. It stays with my preferred neutral palette, but the ruffle gives it a a fun perk!
7O: What style advice do you have for other working moms?
AM: When in doubt, keep things simple and low maintenance. I feel most confident when my look isn't overpowering or too out of my comfort zone. I also love when I can take my day outfit and make it work for an evening dinner with customers by adding a nice pair of jeans or a black pant. It's easy to spruce up my look with a bright red lip instead of my day-to-day nude favorite. 
7O: What are your most looking forward to wearing this fall?
AM: I think every woman's favorite fall combo - leggings and booties! Leggings are so comfortable and an easy transition going into cooler temps. I can wear them under my favorite tunics and dresses. And I love the versatility of an ankle bootie. They go with almost all of my Seven Oaks favorites! 
Want to contribute to our "Spotlight Series"? We'd love to see how you style your Seven Oaks finds! Tell us a little bit about yourself by sending an email to: sevenoakshome@hotmail.com and we will fill you in on the perks that come with it.  
Fall Fashion Favorites Coffee Leaves Scarves Crisp Autumn

How to Dress for Fall When it's Freaking Hot

The first official day of fall is this Friday. Finally! There is no question this is my favorite time of year. The months of September through November bring such a nostalgia. Gathering of friends, the sound of drums at football games, and sweaters…oh my! The crisp air and cool night breezes call for jackets, booties, and fall fashion. I love the layers, rich colors, and warm fabrics. It is all a ‘yes!’ for me. 

Sadly, it’s hot until October (where I live) and even though fall is around the corner, the temps outside are still having a love affair with the summer heat. Some find September to be such a peculiar month for choosing which season to dress for. You might battle with wanting to throw on shorts for a lunch date with friends, but feel like a fraud since it is no longer July and the latest edition of Vogue has coats on each page. Well, I am here to help!

I have put a joy filled list together below of things I am craving from Seven Oaks right now that can easily take you from this in-between, drive you crazy, it's still freaking HOT outside season into fall. 

1. The Eliza Top from English Factory (my favorite brand) is all the buzz right now. I knew when I saw the warmer white color of the linen-like fabric and beautiful embroidered sleeves that it would be one for me. (It's actually hanging in my closet as I type!) This top is light weight for the warmer days of September, but perfect for wearing under a denim jacket or black blazer for November’s chills. It also has a not-so-clingy fit so my craze for pumpkin pie won’t mess with my fashion finds.


2. There are two things you can’t have enough of in your closet: black and white. The Hattie Bell Sleeve Top (also from EF) is a classic top that will look sleek for any occasion regardless of the weather. The cotton fabric will allow it to be warn in warmer temps and well into fall. I would pair it with a colorful trouser or better yet, a midi skirt with some booties.


3. The Sarah Off-the-Shoulder Top had me at hello. This denim piece is a must-have for transitioning from the pool to college football game day. There is no question it will keep you cool at the tailgate and it can easily transition into fall evenings with a cute wrap or super sleek black leather jacket. And it's on sale! Score!



4. How fun are these versatile Crew Neck Tunics in black and rose? I love when a top is long enough in the back for added coverage, but still fitted (just enough) and flattering. Tie the front into a side knot at your desired fit, throw on your skinny jeans or leggings, and slip on your sneakers or sandals in warmer weather and transition into booties once it gets cool. I'm also a fan of accessories and this one can easily be dressed up with the perfect necklace or bold earrings. I'll take both colors, please!  

5. This Eloise Striped Dress has me rooting for more just like it. I am over the moon when I can wear something to work on casual Friday and then pick it back up for a lazy Sunday afternoon filled with family and errands. You will catch me wearing this dress with my tennis shoes and denim jacket or jeggings and cute booties this fall. It’s effortless, it’s stylish, it’s the definition of transition. 


Again, don’t sweat (literally) at the thought of what to wear this month. As long as you have gal pals, Seven Oaks at your fingertips, and morning coffee…anything is possible.
Cheers to a happy fall transition. You got this!
-Kari J Dawkins
Need more help? Email us at sevenoakshome@hotmail.com
Spotlight Series - Kari Dawkins

Spotlight Series - Kari Dawkins

Everyone is attracted to different color palettes, silhouettes, and trends. That’s what makes fashion so fun. Here at Seven Oaks we are attracted to an overall style - casual and versatile. We love finding effortless, classic, eye-catching pieces that have a little something special to make each one unique. Our new "Spotlight Series" will feature YOU - our customers and will give us more insight into how pieces from the shop can be styled. We will also hear about your current favorites and get a little style advice along the way. 

My sweet friend, Kari Dawkins of OU, agreed to be our first "Spotlight" customer. She never ceases to amaze us by how she can take the simplest piece and pair it with things we would have never dreamed of (it's a true talent). We couldn’t help but ask her a few questions to learn more. 

7O: How would you describe your style?

KJD: Energetic. I allow classic pieces to be woven into daily choices, however, I like adding color to my pallet. I dictate my wardrobe options by my daily agenda. Since I am a working mom I have to account for my professional daily wardrobe and consider how it flows into my daughter’s night activities. That’s why the “add to cart” button gets pushed time after time on the Seven Oaks website. The versatility of the pieces have worked for me. I can wear almost every piece 7 days a week! Date night, check. Daughter’s dance class, check. Gal Pal get together, check check. 

7O: What is your favorite item in the shop right now?

KJD: The Catching Rays Top has my heart. I'm in love with the bold color! It can be paired with black shorts, gray jeans, white linen pants, or a polka dot midi skirt for weekend wear. I recently wore it with these great tomato red lace shorts and fun summer hat for a concert. Monday morning rolled around and I paired it with pin stripe trousers for work. Not only does it brighten up my day the instant I put it on, but I can’t walk more than a block (or hallway) without someone asking me where it came from. It's not only a classic, but an eye catching piece as well. 

7O: What style advice do you have for other working moms?

KJD: I know it can be a little challenging to stray away from wearing neutrals to the office (black and white are always safe), however don't be afraid to add some color year round. If I do decide to go with a neutral, I like to find ways to add a pop of color. Take your classic white shirt and add vibrant bottoms or a cheerful necklace. Give life to your powerful black suit with a colorful top or exciting shoes (yes, shoes can be exciting). 

7O: Anything else you would like to share?

KJD: Three things: When feeling doubt, don’t. It’s my simple rule. If I have any hesitation about a piece, I would rather not question it each time I reach for it in my closet versus feeling comfortable in something I know is "just me". I tend to try to dress it up when I can. My mom’s rule of thumb, “you will never regret being over-dressed, ever.” Great advice mama! Lastly, dress the part of you. Be yourself! Isn’t that the best person to be? This is adulthood, where standing out is GOOD, and being yourself is valued. Why not be the next trendsetter? It isn’t just clothes, it’s a sense of style. It’s you.  

70: What is something in the shop you have your eye on? 

KJD: I love the Favorite Maxi Dress in Taupe. My husband and I did a getaway challenge last summer where we couldn’t pack anything other than our toothbrush. We wanted to get on the road versus spend a few hours packing (challenge accepted). Each of us had to pick a versatile piece and had to wear what we had on (one item for the 24 hour venture).  I put on my Favorite Maxi Dress in Black from Seven Oaks (duh) and wore it to dinner, as a swimsuit cover up, and for an afternoon stroll as we walked around a farmers market. I'll take one in every color! Santa please come early! 


Want to contribute to our "Spotlight Series"? We'd love to see how you style your Seven Oaks finds! Tell us a little bit about yourself by sending an email to: sevenoakshome@hotmail.com and we will fill you in on the perks that come with it.  
Festival Season

Festival Season

Festival season has arrived!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up outdoor music festivals, concerts, and events are starting to pop up just about every weekend. They are a great excuse to get outside with the family, hang with friends, and support your local communities and hardworking small businesses (these things take some serious muscle). Considering we are hosting our FIRST pop-up of the season at the Norman Music Festival later this week, we thought it would be fitting to share our favorite festival trends and tips. 
We love the idea of a comfortable, breathable, and cute to boot sundress for outdoor festivals. They pair well with comfortable footwear (a must!) like sandals, sneakers, and booties. You can add fun layers and accessories to these simple styles to give them your own unique look:
Make a statement in a graphic tank or tee. Outdoor festivals and concerts are the perfect place to be a little playful and daring with your ensemble - that's half the fun! We love the versatility of a graphic tee too. Pair it with distressed denim, shorts, or a fun skirt. Possibilities are endless with these tees and tanks:
We know weather can be unpredictable in the spring (this is especially true here in Oklahoma) so grab a lightweight, fashionable kimono before you head out the door. Not only does it add some fun to your already adorable look, it doubles as an extra layer in case the wind picks up or temps drop in the evening. Some of our favorites include:
If you are in the Norman area make sure to stop by our pop-up shop at the Norman Music Festival located inside The Coop - 317 E. Main St. We will be open from 11-6 on Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Happy Festival Season!


Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is usually full of egg hunts, church services, family get-togethers and (if we are lucky) plenty of sunshine! We have a selection of sweet, pastel colored pieces to help get you through the weekend in style.

White Denim - $48 Wearever Tee - $40 (Cameo Rose & Terra Cotta)

Let us know if you would like to do same day or next day pick-up from our office! Just mention it in the notes at checkout.
Happy Easter from our family to yours! 

With Love, 


He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay. – Matthew 28:6