5 Essentials for Traveling Comfortably (and in style)

Going somewhere?

Whether you are jetting off to the Cayman Islands for a little rest and relaxation or driving to the Colorado mountains for some fun in the snow, comfortable travel wear is essential. We have picked out some key pieces that combine cozy + cool and will help make traveling to and from your destination a breeze.

1. Basic T-Shirt or Tank

Start with something simple. A basic t-shirt or tank that is soft, relaxed, and well made is all you need. A neutral color or print will allow you to mix and match with other pieces from your suitcase once you arrive at your destination. No need to pack 30 tops for a 5 day vacation (trust us - it can be done!). 

2. Pants with Stretch (i.e., elastic waistband. YES PLEASE!!)

If you are traveling with kids then you know what it's like to twist, turn, and bend over and over again. Even if you are traveling without kids, a comfortable pair of pants for the journey is a must. Keep your tried and true yoga pants packed safely away in your suitcase (or at home if you are feeling adventurous) and opt for a more modern pair of joggers for the trip. Not only are joggers effortlessly chic they are also insanely comfortable. 
If you are traveling kid free and want to invest in a sophisticated, dressier pair try these:

3. Outer Layer

A comfortable outer layer is KEY! Have you ever been on a plane or in the car and one minute you are burning up and then freezing cold the next? Avoid this mishap by having options with layers. (This is especially beneifcial if you are traveling from one climate to another!) Not only will it make for a smoother ride, but it's also something you will get plenty of wear out of at your vacation spot.

4. Comfortable, Stylish Shoes

As you read last week on our blog, a cute and comfortable pair of sneakers can be paired with just about ANYTHING. Whether it's your favorite pair of converse or new balance sneakers or something a little more fun and stylish, a well made pair of comfortable shoes goes a long way (literally!). Save the Italian leather sandals or suede booties for a night out on the town. Our popular Tatacoa sneakers are a definite YES!

5. Favorite Accessory 

Your most loved leather Madewell bag full of great reading material (we are swooning over the latest issue of the Magnolia journal) or your go-to simple gold necklace will complete any look and add the perfect personal touch. If you are looking for something new to add to your rotation of most loved accessories check out these options:
We hope these 5 essential pieces will be a reference as you pack for your next trip this spring or summer. Packing should be fun and the least stressful part of the vacation prep. If you need additional help we can set you up with someone who is a professional at helping others pack smart and with confidence. Wherever you end up (even if it's kid free trip to target this year - yes, that's a vacay for some of us!) we hope you have a great time. You deserve it! 

XO, Alison

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