Extra Helpings of Happiness - Kari J. Dawkins
Tricks and treats are behind us and the smell of pumpkin pie fills the kitchen air.
It's time to gather with neighbors, friends, and family to share a meal and who's with me...lots of dessert.
My "one of each" approach while shopping stays true for sweets (load the plate please). Now that your grocery list is made, linens are fresh for guest arrivals, and candles are ready to be lit...there is still something looming that hasn't yet been decided.
For some, the most difficult question is whether to make this years whip cream from scratch (which is an easy "no"- pass the Cool Whip please!) and for others it's "what to wear". Challenge gladly accepted by yours truly. Whether it's the whip cream or the dress, I'm here to make your day easier and more enjoyable. No need for added stress. Now let’s find the perfect frock for a day spent eating, laughing, and cooking up something grand. 
To make things easier, I broke down each look into categories that will fit your celebration style for this quickly approaching holiday. 

Turkey at Noon

There is always one among the rest that just stands out. Like the perfect tried and true recipe, the black Jen Gingham Dress is an easy yes and one you can reach for without giving it any thought. Flattering and comfortable (the truth is, it feels like pajamas) and so versatile. Pair it with your low pony tail and effortless red lips. You'll be fooling everyone by looking dressed up. 
It is impeccable with cute booties or the best flats that add perfect color. This soft cotton addition is just the right touch for a day with your pumpkins. Later in the day grab this cozy Into The Woods Cardigan for a cup of coffee or hot tea by the fire. 


Full House

The more the merrier describes your home during this warm holiday. Family arrives with open arms and you prefer to be dressed casual and ready to go for last minute errands or chasing after little ones. The Striped Open Front Duster is your perfect mate.  Throw it on over your leggings (thank you elastic waistband) and the Malibu tee in black and you'll be serving up plates in comfort and style.
Later it will be great with a plain white tee and your favorite pair of dark denim or wear it with yoga pants and a gameday t-shirt for a weekend spent Christmas shopping.



Holla Back Girl 

The Take Me Places Pullover is the perfect piece to throw over a trendy tank, collared shirt, or layered with a jean jacket. It makes you feel hip, cool, and breezy as you hit the road to head to a feast across town, the state, or on an airplane. 
This sweater is light and breezy. The color is edgy for fall and matches the hues in the leaves outside. Nothing fussy or overcomplicated about this wardrobe choice here and you'll be the coolest dressed chick at the dinner table.


Table For Two

Cooking all day and 21 questions with family are not your style. You have figured out the ultimate VIP treatment to Turkey Day is a table at your favorite spot in town filled with good food and fresh air. Most of all your dinner is served after a quick glance at the menu and you didn't even break a sweat.
The two jackets that scream "pick me" for this fun, carefree night of gobble gobbling are the Silk Open Front Jacket and the Beaded Star Bomber Jacket. Edgy, cool and collected. These are sure to make you feel confident and put-together.
Don't think twice about pairing it with a leather skirt, booties, and an amazing hat. So chic! Later rock these jackets with a graphic t-shirt and black pants. 
This black Highlands cardigan is another favorite for something cool and classic. This white trim along the edges and pockets gives this one a unique and modern touch. You'll be effortlessly chic and cozy on your way to an intimate night out. 


Turkey by Candlelight

If your family likes to do things a little more 5 star dining, this classic black Evelyn Sweater Dress is for you. Luxurious, silky soft sweater material and a fun bell sleeve will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. For chilly temps throw it on over your favorite Spanx leggings. 
Later you can add a fun belt and wear this one to all your holiday office parties and Christmas or New Year's Eve festivities. 


All outfits aside, there is no question being thankful is the best part of this holiday. The truth is, it's impossible to not be grateful for the everyday miracles and wonder in the mundane. No matter what you choose to wear you will look fantastic as you ask for the salt and pepper to be passed down from the far end of the table.
Enjoy your day darling!

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