Spotlight Series - Kari Dawkins

Everyone is attracted to different color palettes, silhouettes, and trends. That’s what makes fashion so fun. Here at Seven Oaks we are attracted to an overall style - casual and versatile. We love finding effortless, classic, eye-catching pieces that have a little something special to make each one unique. Our new "Spotlight Series" will feature YOU - our customers and will give us more insight into how pieces from the shop can be styled. We will also hear about your current favorites and get a little style advice along the way. 

My sweet friend, Kari Dawkins of OU, agreed to be our first "Spotlight" customer. She never ceases to amaze us by how she can take the simplest piece and pair it with things we would have never dreamed of (it's a true talent). We couldn’t help but ask her a few questions to learn more. 

7O: How would you describe your style?

KJD: Energetic. I allow classic pieces to be woven into daily choices, however, I like adding color to my pallet. I dictate my wardrobe options by my daily agenda. Since I am a working mom I have to account for my professional daily wardrobe and consider how it flows into my daughter’s night activities. That’s why the “add to cart” button gets pushed time after time on the Seven Oaks website. The versatility of the pieces have worked for me. I can wear almost every piece 7 days a week! Date night, check. Daughter’s dance class, check. Gal Pal get together, check check. 

7O: What is your favorite item in the shop right now?

KJD: The Catching Rays Top has my heart. I'm in love with the bold color! It can be paired with black shorts, gray jeans, white linen pants, or a polka dot midi skirt for weekend wear. I recently wore it with these great tomato red lace shorts and fun summer hat for a concert. Monday morning rolled around and I paired it with pin stripe trousers for work. Not only does it brighten up my day the instant I put it on, but I can’t walk more than a block (or hallway) without someone asking me where it came from. It's not only a classic, but an eye catching piece as well. 

7O: What style advice do you have for other working moms?

KJD: I know it can be a little challenging to stray away from wearing neutrals to the office (black and white are always safe), however don't be afraid to add some color year round. If I do decide to go with a neutral, I like to find ways to add a pop of color. Take your classic white shirt and add vibrant bottoms or a cheerful necklace. Give life to your powerful black suit with a colorful top or exciting shoes (yes, shoes can be exciting). 

7O: Anything else you would like to share?

KJD: Three things: When feeling doubt, don’t. It’s my simple rule. If I have any hesitation about a piece, I would rather not question it each time I reach for it in my closet versus feeling comfortable in something I know is "just me". I tend to try to dress it up when I can. My mom’s rule of thumb, “you will never regret being over-dressed, ever.” Great advice mama! Lastly, dress the part of you. Be yourself! Isn’t that the best person to be? This is adulthood, where standing out is GOOD, and being yourself is valued. Why not be the next trendsetter? It isn’t just clothes, it’s a sense of style. It’s you.  

70: What is something in the shop you have your eye on? 

KJD: I love the Favorite Maxi Dress in Taupe. My husband and I did a getaway challenge last summer where we couldn’t pack anything other than our toothbrush. We wanted to get on the road versus spend a few hours packing (challenge accepted). Each of us had to pick a versatile piece and had to wear what we had on (one item for the 24 hour venture).  I put on my Favorite Maxi Dress in Black from Seven Oaks (duh) and wore it to dinner, as a swimsuit cover up, and for an afternoon stroll as we walked around a farmers market. I'll take one in every color! Santa please come early! 


Want to contribute to our "Spotlight Series"? We'd love to see how you style your Seven Oaks finds! Tell us a little bit about yourself by sending an email to: and we will fill you in on the perks that come with it.  



Okieprof said:

I really enjoyed KJD talented comments and photos. I love the idea of easy-going, practical , yet cute clothing for today’s versatile woman. As a member of the opposite sex, I have been horrible at picking clothes for my wife and daughter in laws. However, after reading this article, I believe I am better prepared to shop for female apparel with more ease and confidence. Hope my wife looks as cute as Kari in these outfits.
I may even throw away my raged jeans and tee-shirts and look for a similar male clothing store.

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