Spotlight Series - Audra Manning
Everyone is attracted to different color palettes, silhouettes, and trends. That’s what makes fashion so fun. Here at Seven Oaks we are attracted to an overall style - minimal and versatile. We love finding effortless, classic, eye-catching pieces that have a little something special to make each one unique. Our new "Spotlight Series" will feature YOU - our customers and will give us more insight into how pieces from the shop can be styled. We will also hear about your current favorites and get a little style advice along the way. 


This month's spotlight customer has been with Seven Oaks since the beginning. She has stuck by our side as we transitioned from our brick and mortar location to online only and has been supportive and encouraging along the way. She has grown with us and easily gone from customer to friend. We always love seeing how she styles her purchases so it was an easy choice to ask her to help with this month's Spotlight feature. Thank you, Audra!
7O: How would you describe your style?
AM: As a working mom I try to keep my style effortless and classic. Versatile pieces that don't require too much thought in the morning are important. When it comes to accesories I prefer dainty jewelry, but will experiment with a bold lip color to spice up an average or all neutral outfit.
7O: What's your favorite item in the shop right now?
AM: How can I choose one!? I really like the Autumn Ruffle Top. It stays with my preferred neutral palette, but the ruffle gives it a a fun perk!
7O: What style advice do you have for other working moms?
AM: When in doubt, keep things simple and low maintenance. I feel most confident when my look isn't overpowering or too out of my comfort zone. I also love when I can take my day outfit and make it work for an evening dinner with customers by adding a nice pair of jeans or a black pant. It's easy to spruce up my look with a bright red lip instead of my day-to-day nude favorite. 
7O: What are your most looking forward to wearing this fall?
AM: I think every woman's favorite fall combo - leggings and booties! Leggings are so comfortable and an easy transition going into cooler temps. I can wear them under my favorite tunics and dresses. And I love the versatility of an ankle bootie. They go with almost all of my Seven Oaks favorites! 
Want to contribute to our "Spotlight Series"? We'd love to see how you style your Seven Oaks finds! Tell us a little bit about yourself by sending an email to: and we will fill you in on the perks that come with it.  

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