Stay At Home Mom Chíc

Christmas came early for Seven Oaks and our blog readers! Sweet Mama, incredibly talented writer, Seven Oaks VVIP Customer (yes, she deserves that extra V), my dear friend and neighbor Stephanie Nevels, is closing out our year with a bang. She has a beautiful way of articulating our vision behind the Seven Oaks style and what we desire for all of our customers. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. 

Stay At Home Mom Chíc
For most moms, I think the term "Stay at Home Mom Chíc" immediately brings to mind t-shirts covered in spit up or fleece pajama pants. In fact, when Alison, the darling mama behind one of my favorite shops Seven Oaks, asked me to write a post on my style as a SAH mom, my mind flashed back to a time not so long ago when I had three kids under the age of two and my "fashion philosophy" consisted of maternity leggings and Old Navy cotton tunic shirts that were worn for an embarrassing amount of time post-maternity (I'm afraid to actually do the math).
While I would love to say that my tough appearance choices such as whether or not to wear my "dressy" yoga pants, or if the amount of days I hit the gym that week combined with the amount of peanut M&Ms I've consumed make certain snugger fitting shirts in my closet appropriate to wear in public, or if dry shampoo really works after 3 days were all part of my early motherhood days, they are sadly all still choices I have to make more often than not. However, now that my offspring (ages 7 and 5) can "mostly" dress and feed themselves, I have had some more breathing room to take time and find out what types of clothing and brands suit me. 
When I was thinking about how I would categorize my personal style as a mom who stays at home (on days I make it out of yoga pants), I think the term "tom girl" would describe it best. Classic tom boyish basics, but with a fun lip color or accessory thrown in the mix.

Here are a few items I go back to again and again and find myself reaching for most often. And it's not shocking that a crazy high percentage of those items are my beloved Seven Oaks pieces! 

A Not-Your-Average Basic T 

While I adore nearly all Seven Oaks items, man have those gals nailed the spin on a basic T. Everything from the different textures, asymmetrical hemlines, worn in perfection, perfectly able to be front tucked or side knotted effortlessly. I can.not.get.enough of your cotton T's and tanks! And almost all of them can be thrown on equally well with my beloved "dressy" yoga pants or favorite high waisted jeans.


High Waisted Jeans

Which brings me to my next fashion love affair. My husband would call them my "mom jeans", but any woman who has carried a human inside of them can attest to the fact that no amount of sit ups can bring back the abs you had below the belly button pre-kids amiright? I have tried my fair share of these and far and away am the most smitten with Madewell's high waisted jeans.

This pair is quite possibly the most perfect jean ever created. As a mom reaching the over the hill mark, I find myself torn between daring to take on new trends but wondering if I'm able to pull them off. I'm quite certain the college girls I see at OU games are wearing them to be trendy, but can't us moms pretend we, too, are wearing them to be on trend and not just to smooth out our muffin tops?

Neutral Lightweight Jackets and Cardigans
When you're constantly chasing around little ones, particularly in a crazy Oklahoma climate where you can be wearing mittens in the morning and a t-shirt by 4 o'clock, I find myself reaching for my favorite lightweight layering pieces more often than not. This ridiculously soft Seven Oaks favorite, the Everyday Cardigan, gets worn at least twice a week. It's super soft, can dress up a basic T with ease, AND has pockets-the trifecta of any great sweater or jacket! 
And I'm loving this new Eleanor Charcoal Jacket. (Also has pockets!)

Chambray All Day
I believe it was after the birth of my third that I started seeing a lot of this magical fabric they called Chambray. What I thought was a denim shirt, was actually a magical light weight, button up shirt that went with literally everything in my closet and made me feel instantly stylish and hip while running around with my tribe of tiny humans. This shirt was also my first attempt and subsequent love affair with the front tuck. And five years later, I am still reaching for my favorite Gap chambray top

While shopping can be so much fun, I have found that the older I get, the more I realize that no amount of expensive or trendy clothing can replace true beauty. It’s taken awhile to get there, but I’ve come to realize that taking good care of myself and not beating myself down for my flaws will always be the most important piece of my beauty regimen. This undoubtedly has to be why so many women are drawn to the Seven Oaks vibe. It is so apparent to anyone that has been following that their overall goal is to make every girl feel comfortable and beautiful just the way they are in their Seven Oaks pieces. Every girl, mom or not, needs to be reminded from time to time that while clothes are fun and yoga pants are necessary, they can’t replace being comfortable in your own skin.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


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